round spanish finger loop braid, 5 bicolor + 2 single-color loops

Doug’s braid

This braid is an unusual variation of a 7-loop spanish braid, with extra twists that cause the braid’s shape to end up firmly rounded rather than rectangular in cross-section. In some color patterns, the braid looks more square than round, but it’s more intricate than a square braid. Invented or discovered by Douglas Grant, a reader of this blog, who allowed me to share it here. (Thanks, Doug!)

Julie's silk purse with finger loop braids

Readers’ Gallery part 2

Gudrun Polak is an awe-inspiring and very inventive weaver, of both loom and card-weavings.  Her weaving website is called The Loomy Bin.  It’s a great resource— it has animated pattern-planning weaving programs as well as pattern libraries (for both card- and loom weaving).  She’s also the mainstay of the braiding study group in the weaving…