7-loop fingerloop braid, "Doug's Braid", made by Ingrid Crickmore

Video for Doug’s braid

Here’s a video to go with my tutorial—a few posts ago—for Douglas Grant’s Round Spanish Braid of 7 loops. The video also demos a new color pattern for the braid. It’s shown above in mercerized cotton sport-weight yarn (elann.com’s Lara). That’s about equivalent to using doubled strands of embroidery floss…

round spanish finger loop braid, 5 bicolor + 2 single-color loops

Doug’s braid

This braid is an unusual variation of a 7-loop spanish braid, with extra twists that cause the braid’s shape to end up firmly rounded rather than rectangular in cross-section. In some color patterns, the braid looks more square than round, but it’s more intricate than a square braid. Invented or discovered by Douglas Grant, a reader of this blog, who allowed me to share it here. (Thanks, Doug!)

zebra-stripe area

Bicolor loop magic (tutorial)

Bicolor loops are loops made out of two colors, tied or linked together. They can create very different braid patterns than the patterns you can get from single-color loops. With bicolor loops you can also make really dramatic pattern-changes in your braid. And not just in these mega-loop braids that I’ve been posting about lately.…

14 loop charted letterbraid, 17th C structure

Citrus letterbraid, pt. 1

I’m almost finished madly braiding a letterbraid to send in to the Braid Society‘s Traveling Exhibition*—still fiddling with the braidlets at the end. The orange is  DMC cotton embroidery floss, doubled, so 12-strand, and the light green is an unknown brand of silk knitting yarn of similar weight (sport? or maybe thinner). The braid is…