loop braiding with two-hole beads

Braids and Beads

I’m very excited about some of these beading designs because I’m pretty sure that they are only possible with loop braiding. To do them in a kumihimo braid would entail pre-threading each bead onto the two strands of two different bobbins–on opposite sides of the braiding stand or slotted card…totally impossible!


Unbraiding is a real time-saver. If you make a mistake that you just can’t “live with,” it’s almost always quicker to unbraid it than to start all over again cutting yarn and setting up for a new braid. Even if you’ve braided an inch or more past the mistake by the time you notice it…


Color-pattern planning, square and flat braids

How to set up the loops on your fingers to get the color order you want in your square, flat, Spanish, or double braid. Also, many square and flat braid color-patterns with setup instructions (and some flat double braid patterns contributed by Dan Gaiser). Part 2: hints and ideas on how to choose effective color combinations for your braids.