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1. The videos alone can also be watched here/ todos los videos estan en mi canal de Youtube.
However, usually the video is only one part of my website tutorial—it shows the braiding moves, but not how to set up for the various color patterns, and other information about the braid. The rest is in the text and photos of the website tutorial, alongside the video. And some of my braiding tutorials aren’t on Youtube at all, because a video wasn’t necessary for them—the hollow double braid, and the Genji-uchi braid, for example.

2. Braids in my header photo: I haven’t yet posted tutorials for most of them. There’s a description of each of them here, including links to instructions for some of them. Please contact me with any questions you may have about them or other braids on my blog.

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7. If all of the following apply, you are welcome to use my content to teach loop braiding (though I would love to hear about your class!). If they don’t all apply, it still may not be a problem, but please contact me for permission before using my material:
a. You do not receive any payment for teaching.
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