2 10-loop double braids, solid rectangle shape, bicolor patterns

Double braid tutorials

Part 1, see also Part 2, on flat, and Part 3 on hollow double braids

Double braids are more complex braids—tantalizingly out of reach for most fingerloop braiders, because the traditional method requires a team of two braiders working together…


Braids 2012

Loop braiding highlights at the conference: Two different 2-day loop braiding workshops, plus a report from Mari Omura on loop braiding archeological evidence in Asia going back thousands of years B.C! Joy Boutrup’s 1st day of class included several unusual European loop braids that she has discovered through analyzing museum specimens—braids that are not recorded in any of the surviving loop braiding manuscripts…

Kute-uchi braids, 16-36 loops

Genji-uchi, & new link

I won’t have enough time to make “real” tutorials til after I get back from Braids 2012, but I just added text instructions for the Genji-Uchi braid to last year’s Kute-Uchi tutorial.  The two videos already in that post relate directly to this braid!  Here’s a photo of some Genji-uchi braids. They can be made…

7-loop fingerloop braid, "Doug's Braid", made by Ingrid Crickmore

Video for Doug’s braid

Here’s a video to go with my tutorial—a few posts ago—for Douglas Grant’s Round Spanish Braid of 7 loops. The video also demos a new color pattern for the braid. It’s shown above in mercerized cotton sport-weight yarn (elann.com’s Lara). That’s about equivalent to using doubled strands of embroidery floss…

bracelet on teapot

Bracelet with chevrons

Here’s a friendship bracelet video tutorial that also shows how to make my favorite type of color pattern for a square braid: chevrons across bicolor stripes. The bracelet tutorial teaches an easy way to make a lo-tech adjustable closure if your bracelet has a loop at one end. This can be used for any bracelet…


Waxed thread

A couple of months ago, when I had to make some sample braids for an article, I decided to try a waxed cotton cord I had seen online. I wanted to use something stiffer than embroidery floss, something that would really show the structure of the braids.

round spanish finger loop braid, 5 bicolor + 2 single-color loops

Doug’s braid

This braid is an unusual variation of a 7-loop spanish braid, with extra twists that cause the braid’s shape to end up firmly rounded rather than rectangular in cross-section. In some color patterns, the braid looks more square than round, but it’s more intricate than a square braid. Invented or discovered by Douglas Grant, a reader of this blog, who allowed me to share it here. (Thanks, Doug!)


Tomorrow, Wed the 18th, I will be supporting the (U.S.) internet blackout in protest of the two U.S. internet censorship bills SOPA and PIPA. So my site will essentially have a big protest sign draped over it for a day (this will be until midnight EST, I decided to follow the timeline Wikipedia is using…


CONTINUE HERE: 7-loop braids

This video teaches fingerloop braiding with 7 loops, showing the divided, square, and flat variations of a 7-loop braid, plus how to unbraid back a few cycles to fix a mistake. Learn 5-loop square and flat braids first.  Once you’ve braided a few of those you’ll be ready to try this 7-loop version. You might…

Loop braiding workshop

I’ll be teaching a 2-day loop braiding workshop the last weekend of January, and there is room for a few more participants.  It’ll be in the San Francisco bay area (Redwood City), email me if you are interested, and I’ll send you more info about it. UPDATE: The workshop is full now. There’s been enough…