Thumbnail of 12-loop 5-transfer braids, fingerloop, loop braiding


Here’s a tutorial for a very non-traditional 12-loop braid with an unusual number of loop-transfers: Five! You might call it a Double-and-a-bit-more Braid. It could be made by two braiders working together, but my video tutorial teaches it the way I braid it by myself – holding 7 loops on my left hand and 5 on my right.

I also give text instructions for another “odd” braid – the 7-loop Square-and-a-half braid. It has three loop-transfers! One more than a square braid, and one fewer than a Spanish or double braid…

Tutorial: 9-loop braids

How to use thumbs to make even bigger and better braids. Why let two whole digits go to waste?! This has been done historically in (at least) China and Finland, not just here on this blog. This is the Start Here tutorial for braiding multi-loop “team” braids as a solo braider.