Triangular fingerloop braids of 9 and 7 loops

A Triangular Braid

This is an easy, two-pass braid similar to a square braid, but with three sides rather than four. I’ve made one video each for 5-loop, 7-loop, and 9-loop Triangle braids!
This more triangular braid has some color-patterns that are very different from the equivalent Square or D-shaped braids…

Braids 2012, part 1

Loop braiding highlights at the conference: Two different 2-day loop braiding workshops, plus a report from Mari Omura on loop braiding archeological evidence in Asia going back thousands of years B.C! Joy Boutrup’s 1st day of class included several unusual European loop braids that she has discovered through analyzing museum specimens—braids that are not known from any of the 15th or 17th C. loop braiding manuscripts…

Tutorial: 9-loop braids

Basic intro to using your thumbs in loop braiding. Why let two whole digits go to waste? When I first was shown how to make a 5-loop square braid, the friend-of-a-friend who showed me mentioned nonchalantly that I could braid 7 and 9-loop braids the same way, just by adding more loops and fingers. Photo-tute and videos.