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Below are links to all my posts in chronological order, beginning Dec 2010 when I first started this blog. It’s the quickest way to see an overview of all of them, by title only.
Or you can see a thumbnail photo plus brief excerpt for each post (starting with the more recent ones and going backwards in time), by browsing down my homepage. At the bottom of the homepage, click on “older posts” if you want to keep going back in time…

Posts are the dated entries/articles listed above that I’ve been adding to this site since the end of 2010. Some of my posts are tutorials, some are updates on what I’ve been working on, or pictures of readers’ work, or anything related to loop braiding. A few are just brief notices. They gradually pile up in date-order on my home page, wordpress blog-style, with the most recent one on the top of the pile—the reverse order of the list above.

[The theme I’m currently using allows me to “stick” four older posts near the top of that home-page pile to feature them, so I always have the Start Here! and the Welcome to Loop Braiding posts up there, as well as two other older posts that I might change once in a while.]

Chronological order isn’t very convenient if you are here to find a particular tutorial! To see a listing of just the tutorials, in a more logical order, click on the Tutorials tab in the upper menu.

Other tabs up in my top menu will help you filter my posts by topic, say to find color pattern variations for a braid you’ve learned from one of my tutorials, or maybe to see a list of all my posts that reference loop braiding history etc.

Pages: At the far right of the menu is a tab labeled About with several info pages nested below it containing information about loop braiding or about me (including an email contact form). In WordPress, “pages” are a different type of entry from “posts” – you won’t come across them by browsing down my homepage, they are only accessed under the ‘About’ tab – except for this page, and my Tutorials page, which have their own separate tabs.

You also can search this whole site (posts and pages) by using the search box in the sidebar. (I sometimes have to search there myself to find something I know I mentioned here somewhere, but can’t remember where it was!)

I post sporadically, from 0 to a few times a month, but I edit past posts compulsively frequently, occasionally adding content. So my past posts and information pages sometimes change, unlike most of the blogs I follow. I think of this blog as my ‘book’ on loop braiding, and one advantage of publishing it as a blog is that I can edit and add to it whenever I want.

If you would like to receive an automated email alert when I publish a new post, you can sign up in the top of my sidebar. No other emails are sent, and it’s easy to unsubscribe–you can do it directly from one of the automated emails, or from the top of my sidebar.

[By the way, in case you are curious about blogs/ websites–say interested in starting your own–I ran on about my own reasons for choosing at the end of my kute-uchi tutorial.]

6 thoughts on “All Posts

  1. Are there some shops that can be suggested of who offer these kinds of braids in bracelets etc…. Thank you.

    • Hi Logan,
      I don’t sell braided jewelry myself, at least not yet. I suggest trying Etsy (i think the url is — it’s a huge site with a lot of craftpeople and artists’ shops. They probably wouldn’t have exactly the same braids I make, but there are a lot of kumihimo braiders around making gorgeous braids, I’m sure you could find some beautiful hand braided bracelets. Good luck!

    • Hi rahuldeviations!
      Here it is, asap:
      If you mean hollow braids(?) I have a tutorial for hollow double braids, it is the third tutorial in my series on double braids. You would have to learn them in order. They are not beginning level braids, learn my Start Here and Continue Here (5 and 7 loops) tutorials first.

      If you mean double-tubular braids, those can also be done with the double braid method (“double tubular” means one braided tube within another braided tube).
      But you must make two loop exchanges, not just one.
      First you exchange the normal two loops (on each little finger, for the eight-loop version).
      Then you also exchange the upper fingers’ loops (the loops on each index finger, for the eight-loop version)
      That last is a tricky move: the two index loops must be turned over (toward you) first, then exchanged, then turned back again.

      However, if you mean the double-tubular braids in my header photo, those are not double braids. They are plain weave braids that I haven’t taught yet because they are too difficult. There is no point to make a tutorial for them.

      There is more about double-tubular braids in my description of the braids in my header photo.

      I hope this helps!

  2. Hello everyone! My name is Traci Scachette and I am the owner and designer of Whiskey River Designs Custom Horse Hair Jewelry. I have exchanced an email with Ingrid and she is wonderful and her work is extraordinary. I am going to try to incorporate some of her designs into my line of work. Take a look at and let me know what you think. Loop braiding has become one of my favorite ways to braid.

    • Hi Traci, thanks! And thanks for leaving your link, your work is beautiful. I am very curious about loop braiding with horsehair, might have to ask your advice about it someday…

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