Dominic's pineapple knot and fingerloop braid in waxed cotton

Reader gallery pics (braids and knots!)

Update: Dominic Taylor will be teaching knotting at Braids 2016! His 2-day class is called Cylindrical Braids, which refers to nautical-type knotted ‘braids’ that can be formed around solid objects—like handles of tools, etc.

Here are photos sent in by a reader, Dominic, of some of his “bicolor loop magic” braids. Beautiful braids, and the knotting he’s done with them (and other cords) is fantastic!

Bicolor loop magic (tutorial)

Bicolor loops are loops made out of two colors, tied or linked together. They can create very different braid patterns than the patterns you can get from single-color loops. Tutorial and tips for using bicolor loops, including 3 basic bicolor pattern variations that can be made with 5 or more loops, and how to switch between patterns within one braid…