Video for Doug’s braid

Here’s a video to go with my text tutorial—a few posts ago—for Douglas Grant’s Round Spanish Braid of 7 loops.  The video also demos a new color pattern for the braid.  It’s shown above in mercerized cotton sport-weight yarn (a now discontinued brand). That’s about equivalent to using doubled strands of embroidery floss.

For this color-pattern, the seven loops are all bicolor—five loops blue+white, two loops blue+black. Be sure to arrange them on the fingers as I describe just below, and in the video @ 2min,57sec.

A, B, C, and D below refer to the index-to-little fingers

Left hand: A,B blue+black bicolor; C blue+white bicolor
Right hand: A,B,C,D Blue+white bicolor
(Important: Place blue shanks uppermost on left hand; white shanks uppermost on right hand)

(My original post has the text instructions for making this braid, as well as set-up instructions for several other color patterns, plus the necessary loop-order to follow for setting up your own color patterns.)

It’ll be much easier to learn this braid after first learning 5-loop, and then 7-loop square and flat braids. The 7-loop Spanish braid (a rectangular braid) has very similar braiding moves. They might seem very strange at first, because in one of the moves, your middle finger reaches through two loops of its own hand AND (for this braid) through one loop of the other hand. At first this feels very weird! But believe it or not, it ends up being a very fun and relaxing braid to make, with very rewarding results.

0:00     Intro (slow start—skip ahead if you don’t want to wait through it.  Start the video, then slide the timeline bubble under the video-window to any of the time points listed below.)
2:57      Color pattern set-up for this pattern
3:33      Braiding moves, very slowly
7:50      Slightly faster
10:49    Faster
12:08    One unbraiding move
12:59    A look at braid’s pattern
16:30    Last look at pattern, also at the divided section forming a loop at the top of the braid.

On any of my videos with a timeline list below it:
After starting the video, if you click on the “youtube” button at the lower right of the video frame, you’ll be taken away from this site, to a page on YouTube to watch the video. There, if you click “SHOW MORE” under my video’s description, you’ll see a timeline that is actually clickable—meaning, you can click on any of the timepoints in the left column, and the video will start playing right at that point. Use your “back” button to return to this tutorial from youtube…

Last updated Jan 11, 2019

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