New ‘Tutorials’ page

I just made a new info page for this blog (called Tutorials).  It’s an index to  all my tutorials, with a description and link to each one.  It can be accessed from the bold menu links at the top of every page, and also from a link in the sidebar, under “Loop Braiding Blog Map.”

It lists the tutorials in a more logical order than the haphazard order in which I published them, so it should be a more convenient way to navigate them than just by wading through my archives or down my homepage.

At the bottom of the Tutorials page are links to several “orphan” videos that I haven’t written anything for (yet).

All my videos are also available  on my youtube channel, either grouped into “playlists” by topic, or else available individually in more of an unsorted jumble—just in the order they were uploaded onto Youtube.

From any video on my site, you can also click (on the video’s taskbar) to watch the video on a Youtube page—the disadvantage is that my text tutorial doesn’t accompany it, but the advantage (for some videos) is that, if I have added a timeline below the video, on the youtube page the timepoints are actual links. If you click on a timepoint in the list, the video will start up right at that point, you don’t have to slide the little bubble under the video over to that point manually…

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