Doug's Braid pick-up patterns, by

Pick-up 101: Planned patterns and motifs

Gary Mitchell is developing an online interactive pick-up pattern planner for Doug’s Braid! So I’m posting some Pick-up Patterning basics here to get you ready! Pick-up patterning is not just for Letterbraids. These are braided motifs and patterns that may require different moves from one row of braiding to another, and can be done to some degree in any two-layer braid – even a square braid!

Braids 2012 workshop, Manchester, England

Two-day workshop in November 2017

The Lace Museum of Sunnyvale, CA will be hosting me for another two-day loop braiding workshop this fall: November 4-5.
There are still spaces available. Topics covered will partly depend on class interest and background. (workshop photo is from Braids 2012 in Manchester, England, not the Lace Museum!) Contact me if you have any questions, and click here to read more about it…

Triangular fingerloop braids of 9 and 7 loops

A Triangular Braid

This is an easy, two-pass braid similar to a square braid, but with three sides rather than four. I’ve made one video each for 5-loop, 7-loop, and 9-loop Triangle braids!
This more triangular braid has some color-patterns that are very different from the equivalent Square or D-shaped braids…

10-loop "Nun's Book" letterbraid by Dominic Taylor

Letterbraid Therapy

Dominic will be teaching knotting at Braids 2016! His 2-day class is called Cylindrical Braids, which refers to nautical-type knotted ‘braids’ that can be formed around solid objects—like handles of tools, etc.

The first photos I’ve received back since sending my Nun’s Book letterbraid tutorial out into the braiding ether! —Of knots as well as letters…

thumbnail - pattern samper fingerloop braids

Braids 2016

I’m already very excited about the upcoming international Braids conference: Braids 2016. The loop braiding workshop I’ll be teaching there is on braiding and planning designs and motifs—like the so-called ‘letter braids,’ but with a braid that is much easier to make…

An unorthodox braid tutorial

This is a 7-loop, D-shaped braid with a rounded upper surface and a flat lower surface. And a lot of different color-pattern possibilities. The upper surface always looks very different from the lower surface…(video tutorial)

17th C letterbraid

Solo-braider tutorial for the Nun’s letterbraid

Video-based tutorial on my workaround method for braiding the 17th Century Nun’s Book letterbraid of 10 loops as a solo braider. I learned the traditional method from Noémi Speiser and Joy Boutrup’s Instructions for Letter Braids in 17th Century Manuscripts. Includes printable charts for my versions of the letters J, V, and Q