Free pdf download now works!

Update on my earlier tutorial on the super-easy, fun, and kid-friendly 3-loop braid:

The free pdf download now works!!! I finally figured out how to insert a direct link so you can download the 3-loop pdf tutorial straight from this blog instead of from Scribd (copyright restrictions still apply, see end of document). For a thumbnail window for viewing the pdf photo-tutorial, and — now — the functioning free download link, go to my Super-Easy 3-loop Braid post, and look below the document window. Extra info not in the pdf – videos, yarn suggestions, where to go to download more of my pdf tutorials, etc – can be found further down, below the link.

photo of 7 different 3-loop braids

This 3-loop tutorial is (so far) my only blog tutorial in a pdf format—I originally made it in that format for another site (Braids_and_Bands–they have a few other pdf tutorials I’ve made in their files section). That 3-Loop Braid tutorial has been one of the most popular posts on my blog, but amazingly in all this time I’ve only gotten two comments from readers (one rude and one very helpful) pointing out that the document’s host site, Scribd, was charging $9 for downloading my “free” document! None of these proceeds went to me, I should add! I could not see this myself—to me, the uploader, their $9 day-use fee was never visible. To be fair, that fee apparently enables you to download several other “free” documents from them besides mine in one day, but if all you want is this 3-loop tutorial now you can download it from me free of cost and (I hope) hassle-free as well…

5 thoughts on “Free pdf download now works!

  1. Thank you very much for this tutorial, very clear and bright photos. I am following your blog with much pleasure, from Switzerland.

  2. Thank you for making your tutorial more readily available Ingrid. Your directions are clear and the camera work details each step without any possible confusion. If you ever want to come East and teach workshops I’d be happy to sponsor them here in Vermont. I was impressed with your alphabet bands, particularly those wonderful old time tune-title bands you shareed earlier this summer. I’m a fiddler and wish I could have indulged my love of the music at some of those festivals this summer as you did. Clifftop? Mount Airy? Galax? Are you a fiddler too? Braid on!

    • You’re welcome Lausanne, I’m glad you found the directions clear! I’d love to come East and teach, email me through the contact form up top if you’d like to talk about it. No, I’m not a fiddler, I just love the music. (I do play simple boom-chuck backup guitar.) The festivals we go to are all out west – ‘Stickerville’ at Weiser, ID; Festival of American Fiddle Tunes in Port Townsend, WA; a gathering in Centralia, WA (I just got home from that one), and a little but growing one in my own hometown -Berkeley, CA- coming up next month. I’d love to make it out to any of the ones you mentioned someday, though!

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