2 tutorials: The Buck’s Horns braid, and a French string with open edges

Two double braids from the 17th C with a wonderful “unorthodox” loop exchange method that goes back to the 12th Century, if not further. This exchange move is so easy to do with REALLY cool results! It produces unusual loop braids that may be unique to Europe. Videos for my solo braider method, illustration for the traditional team braiding method.

Triangular fingerloop braids of 9 and 7 loops

A Triangular Braid

This is an easy, two-pass braid similar to a square braid, but with three sides rather than four, and with some great color-patterns that are very different from the equivalent Square and D-shaped braids. Videos for 5-loop, 7-loop, and 9-loop Triangle braids…

Tutorial: 9-loop braids

Why waste two of our ten fingers? Use thumbs to make even bigger and better braids! This was done historically in (at least) China and Finland, as well as by my first loop braiding teacher here in the U.S.

Braids 2012, loop braiding workshop, Ingrid Crickmore

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