Loop braiding workshop

I’ll be teaching a 2-day “Loop Braiding Potpourri” workshop at the Lace Museum in San Jose oops! Sunnyvale (California) the last weekend of this month – October 29 and 30. Here’s a link to the workshop information (opens in a separate tab). This will be a different workshop from the one I just taught at Braids 2016 (wow, what an amazing conference that was! See Laverne’s great post on it here — I’ve been so busy ever since it happened that I haven’t had a chance to blog about it yet).

I’m calling this upcoming workshop a ‘potpourri’ because we’ll be playing with several different braids and techniques, including a few that are not taught here on my blog. It’s an intro workshop, but beginners and non-beginners are welcome, there should be something for everyone. The information link above includes a registration form. Contact the Lace Museum with any registration questions, and contact me if you have any questions about the workshop.

Hope to see and braid with you there!

10-loop "Nun's Book" letterbraid by Dominic Taylor

Letterbraid Therapy

Dominic will be teaching knotting at Braids 2016! His 2-day class is called Cylindrical Braids, which refers to nautical-type knotted ‘braids’ that can be formed around solid objects—like handles of tools, etc.

The first photos I’ve received back since sending my Nun’s Book letterbraid tutorial out into the braiding ether! —Of knots as well as letters…

thumbnail - pattern samper fingerloop braids

Braids 2016

I’m already very excited about the upcoming international Braids conference: Braids 2016. The loop braiding workshop I’ll be teaching there is on braiding and planning designs and motifs—like the so-called ‘letter braids,’ but with a braid that is much easier to make…


An unorthodox braid tutorial

This is a 7-loop, D-shaped braid with a rounded upper surface and a flat lower surface. And a lot of different color-pattern possibilities. The upper surface always looks very different from the lower surface…(video tutorial)


CNCH 2014 workshop

I’ll be teaching a Loop Braiding workshop at CNCH this spring. For those of you in California, that’s the Conference of Northern California Handweavers. CNCH isn’t only for weavers—aside from weaving classes there are always great workshops in a wide range of other topics — dyeing, braiding, basketry, spinning, knitting…and a Market Hall with venders,…

Two loop braids showing variations of the same color-linking pattern

Color-linking in a 7-loop flat braid

This video-based tutorial teaches several color-pattern variations of a 7-loop flat braid with an extra move in some of the loop transfers. It’s a way to link loops of different colors, to force them to stay within one section of the braid, instead of migrating across the whole braid. I taught this earlier for flat double braids–this is the same technique, but here I’m teaching it with the flat variation of a 7-loop square braid.