Back later…

I’ll be on vacation for a month, leaving on the 12th or so, and will only have sporadic  internet access (we’ll be camping). I’m really hoping somebody out there might be trying out some of the tutorials–if you are and have any questions please post them even if I’m gone–I will check in when/if I have a chance. And I will definitely check in right away when I get home.

It’s raining now, I’m crossing my fingers that the weather will shift in the next week, we’re heading to the NW (U.S.) which has been even colder and wetter than the S.F. bay area of California this whole long winter and spring (did spring ever get here?). This trip follows a trail of 3 large music campouts, and I always bring a lot of braiding materials. When everybody else is in a frenzy of all-night jamming, I like to sit by my tent braiding with a cup of cocoa and a headlamp. (and they think I’m the fanatic!)

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