A couple braids and a poll…

A few links to new info …and a poll! Short and easy—scroll down my sidebar to see it →. I’m trying to get an idea for which way this blog should be heading.

[update – Thanks everybody who filled in the poll! It gave me more incentive and a lot of ideas. Poll results here.]

I haven’t finished enough braids to make a nice glossy post yet…Lately I’ve been spending more of my free time outdoors hiking than indoors braiding. But in the meantime, here’s a preview photo (click twice to enlarge):

17th Century alphabet braid, letter braid, original variation by Ingrid Crickmore (18 loops rather than traditional braid's 14 loops) , finger loop braiding, loop manipulation

I’ve also made a couple of behind-the-scenes additions to past tutorials:

(Both of these are in the “too-many-loops” category of braids. Check out my Tutorials index to find video tutorials for many easy and intermediate loop braids.)

There’s now a (text-only) tutorial for 13-loop square braids in the Comments section below my 11-loop tutorial. It explains exactly what to add to the info already covered in that 11-loop tutorial. Of course, the same moves can also be used for making a flat, divided, or unorthodox version, depending on how you do the loop transfers.

Secondly, I’ve explained some strategies for making the 14-loop Letterbraid as a solo-braider. I added this as a footnote to my 7-loop Spanish braid tutorial. This is not a step-by-step tutorial, just guidelines. [update- By now I’ve added so many details to it that there may not be much left to add.] But I did spell out the only part of my method that is a little weird. Btw, the 13-loop braid above might be helpful to learn first, since it also requires using thumbs and holding 3 loops on the d-fingers, and is an easier braid.

Please vote in my poll! a little way down in my right sidebar: 4 easy choices, or a write-in if you don’t like the four choices. The poll is anonymous, by the way. Polldaddy.com just shows me a list of the totals for each choice, not who voted.
Thanks! to those of you who’ve already weighed in. I’m at a very indecisive point with the blog right now, so anything I learn from this poll will be very helpful.

For now, if you’re lucky enough to be having some sunny spring days, get out and enjoy them instead of braiding! (Or braid outside—also good!)

2 thoughts on “A couple braids and a poll…

  1. Absolutely stunning particularly the bottom one. Your so talented. I’m learning the basic ones at the moment. I’m involved in 15thc reenactments so I’m making ties for mens’ hose (medieval trousers). I love your video’s ! So easy to follow. thank you

    • Hi Selina, Thank you so much!! That is really great that you are using your braids, and for something so cool. I’d love to see those hose!

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