17th Century alphabet braid, letter braid, original variation by Ingrid Crickmore (18 loops rather than traditional braid's 14 loops) , finger loop braiding, loop manipulation

A couple braids and a poll…

Apr 29, 2013 A few links to new info …and a poll! Short and easy—scroll down my sidebar to see it →. I’m trying to get an idea for which way this blog should be heading. [update – Thanks everybody who filled in the poll! It ran for quite a while and gave me a…


CONTINUE HERE: 7-loop braids

This video teaches fingerloop braiding with 7 loops, showing the divided, square, and flat variations of a 7-loop braid, plus how to unbraid back a few cycles to fix a mistake. Be sure to learn 5-loop square and flat braids first.  Once you’ve braided a few of those you’ll be ready to try this 7-loop…


Color-pattern planning, square and flat braids

How to set up the loops on your fingers to get the color order you want in your square, flat, Spanish, or double braid. Also, many square and flat braid color-patterns with setup instructions (and some flat double braid patterns contributed by Dan Gaiser). Part 2: hints and ideas on how to choose effective color combinations for your braids.

Extend Rd finger thru all L loops except thumb-loop

Tutorial: 9-loop braids

Basic intro to using your thumbs in loop braiding. Why let two whole digits go to waste? When I first was shown how to make a 5-loop square braid, the friend-of-a-friend who showed me mentioned nonchalantly that I could braid 7 and 9-loop braids the same way, just by adding more loops and fingers. Photo-tute and videos.