Two-day workshop in November 2017

The Lace Museum of Sunnyvale, CA will be hosting me for another two-day loop braiding workshop this fall: November 4-5.

There are still spaces available. The flyer below (click link) is actually just a reprint of the one they put out last year – I was too busy or lazy to rewrite it, my apologies! This year we might cover some different topics, depending on student interest (let me know what your interests are!)

Below is a link to their flyer for the workshop. By the way, the photos in the flyer are not (necessarily) of braids I will teach in the workshop. They are examples of loop braiding, not examples of specific braids the workshop will cover.

Loop Braiding with Ingrid Crickmore, November 4-5, 2017

Last year, we covered pretty much exactly what was mentioned in the text of the flyer (including a lacy braid!), and finished with a demo and partial class-participation in team loop braiding – 2 braiders working together to make a double-wide loop braid. Team loop braiding may well be a goal of this year’s workshop, since some of last year’s participants may be returning.

Don’t be intimidated by the intense concentration of the braiders in the photo, btw! The workshop is go-at-your-own pace with plenty of opportunity to relax, and the Lace Museum even provides snacks!

Hope to see you there!

(Thanks to those in the photo below from my Braids 2012 workshop in Manchester, England. I love how concentrated and purposeful you all look! )

Braids 2012 workshop, Manchester, England

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