Loop braiding workshop

[older post – this workshop was in 2016]
I’ll be teaching a 2-day “Loop Braiding Potpourri” workshop at the Lace Museum in Sunnyvale (California) the last weekend of this month – October 29 and 30. Here’s a link to the workshop information (opens in a separate tab). This will be a different workshop from the one I just taught at Braids 2016 (wow, what an amazing conference that was! See Laverne’s great post on it here — I’ve been so busy ever since it happened that I haven’t had a chance to blog about it yet).

I’m calling this upcoming workshop a ‘potpourri’ because we’ll be playing with several different braids and techniques, including a few that are not taught here on my blog. It’s an intro workshop, but beginners and non-beginners are welcome, there should be something for everyone. The information link above includes a registration form. Contact the Lace Museum with any registration questions, and contact me if you have any questions about the workshop.

Hope to see and braid with you there!

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